Behind ALAMAU: Director-General

Amina Ndagire, Director-General of ALAMAU 2017

It seems that the wise and compassionate of the ALAMAU staff have a wrap around their heads. Amina Ndagire, from Uganda, is the Director-General for this year’s conference. With the Admin, Events, Finance and Media team under her wings, she handles the logistics of the entire conference. A hefty task I’d say. You find her working all the time, planning so that the gala dinner will be a blast, and the cultural night will run smoothly, and every delegate is taken care of. That’s right, she makes sure you have a room.

Her job is not easy, but she handles all hurdles and obstacles with grace, that is, a smile and unwavering eyes. I know that many people would be pulling out their hair if they had to accomplish the same tasks or they would start sprouting grey hair. But Amina, as petit as she may be, stands proud. ALAMAU history has shown that Director-Generals never make it to the conference, so what makes Amina the exception? So in a bid to understand, I searched for the answers through an interview. Continue reading “Behind ALAMAU: Director-General”


The Incredibles EXPOSED!

For years we have been patiently waiting for an Incredibles 2 movie. It hasn’t happened and now we know why.

The Incredibles lived in Metroville but after saving the world, they vanished. In the year 2016, they were re-discovered in the suburb of Honeydew but to keep their identity hidden they took on new identities and a new team name- The ALAMAU 2017 Media Team.

The ALAMAU 2017 Media Team are from all over the world to stop suspicion from arising but they still remain a close-knit family. The family evolved into superior forms in order to navigate the strange world that is the 21st Century. Continue reading “The Incredibles EXPOSED!”

The ALAMAU Staff Convenes

On the 12th of February, the ALAMAU staff gathered. We convened to update each other on the work that has been accomplished in the past months, and to remind ourselves why we keep on pushing forward. We listened to a speech by professor P. L. O. Lumumba which posed the question: what would our forefathers encounter if they saw Africa today? The professor asserted that our forefathers would find an Africa where her people have lost faith in their culture, and an Africa where “[Africans] fry potatoes [and] call them French fries even though they were fried in Dar Es Salaam.”

Pensive minds battling with the words of P.L.O. Lumumba

With all these questions the ALAMAU staff got to thinking: what is the Africa that we envision? Is it one that is free of corruption or one that celebrates its culture? These questions helped us understand that we were sitting and working, on a Sunday, because we believed that with this conference we could work towards molding Africa into what we want her to be.

Mr. Faith giving an inspirational speech AS ALWAYS

Mr. Faith said it, we work because we “plan on re-writing the story of Africa.” ALAMAU is our way accelerating the progress of the continent. The topics that will be discussed and resolutions that will be written will all contribute to creating a generation of people who are ready to tackle the problems of our continent. We hope that you will join us in driving Africa towards prosperity in ALAMAU 2017.

Here are a few pictures of the all-staff meeting: Continue reading “The ALAMAU Staff Convenes”

The Man Behind the Chair: Utani Hikuam


A big part of ALAMAU are the committees. The committee chairs are the people who ensure the smooth running of the committees. For this post, we’ll focus on one of the committee chairs. Utani Hikuam is a Namibian student at African Leadership Academy (ALA) and serves as the committee chairperson of New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD). You’ll be reading a bit about him from an interview with the Associate Director of Press Corps.

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Behind ALAMAU: Deputy Chairperson

Maru.pngThe ALAMAU organizing team has a myriad of roots and branches. These are the people who have been, and are, working to ensure that the conference is fun and enriching for all those who attend. For this post, we’ll focus on one of the arms of the secretariat. Marubini Muswede is a South African student at African Leadership Academy, and serves as the deputy chairperson of the ALAMAU 2017 conference. You’ll be reading a bit about her from an interview with the Director of Press Corps.

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The ALAMAU 2017 Journey: buffering…


Welcome all to the ALAMAU Press Corps blog. The conference is only a few weeks away and we always want to keep you informed—that’s what we do. We aim to keep all interested parties aware of the events of the conference. This is the job of the Press Corps. As the conference approaches we want you to know the behind the scenes of the conference: what, and who, it takes to put on such a prestigious gathering of the world’s youth. We will give you a sneak peek into the teams that help make the conference happen: from the secretariat and research team, to the media and finance teams.

All hands are on deck as the weekly countdown begins. Delegates prepare themselves as they read study guides and write position papers. On the organizing side, teams are preparing to receive the biggest cohort of delegates in ALAMAU history—an exciting achievement. With this comes the opportunity to increase from the usual 7 committees to 9 committees, thus making the conference more dynamic.

This conference will be an opportunity for many young people to have a taste of what it is like to work for the amelioration of a nation and a continent. Through the research and writing and passing of resolutions, one learns the ways through which they can contribute to society. So, as you write your position papers, and read your study guides, do it with passions. Cross every ‘t’ as you write, read every word; this conference will not be a wasted experience. If anything, it might be one of the most formative events of many people’s lives.

So keep your feeds open for any posts from us here at the Press Corps. Stay connected, share our blog and get ready to enhance our capacity and accelerate our progress as a continent.

By the Director of Press Corps, Fred Zucule.