The Woman Behind the Chair: Lidya Feleke

Today, the Press Corps is shedding light on another ALAMAU 2017 Committee. The committee chair of the Pan-African Parliament is Lidya Feleke, an Ethiopian student at African Leadership Academy. You’ll be reading a bit about her from an interview with the Assistant Director of Press Corps.

  • What is your topic of discussion in the Pan-African Parliament? And what inspired you to choose this topic?

“My topic is Promoting Rule of Law, Accountability, and Transparency in Public. When I first chose my topic in March 2016, I didn’t really have an option but I knew I wanted to have productive discussions about elections because, in my country, elections are the most defining part of politics. Since I am interested in politics which is why I’m doing it, I thought I would delve deep into election issues, that’s when it became more than elections and became Transparency and Accountability. My deputy chair was really supportive, she told me to rephrase it and that’s how it become Transparency and Accountability.”

  • What was your experience researching and creating a study guide?

“Interestingly enough, I also mentioned it in my preface in the study guide. It wasn’t a straight journey since I had to work in difficult situations actually. Back home, there was no electricity or internet because of the protests in Ethiopia during the summer, so it was really hard for me to access electricity and internet. It was a bit hard but I enjoyed it as I took every opportunity I got to research about election systems in countries, taking case studies such as Rwanda and Ethiopia, itself, about the governance issues and their check and balance systems. It was really fun researching.”

  • Minus researching, what would you say is the most interesting thing about being a committee chair?

“I think the most interesting thing about being a committee chair is that you get the chance to get the guide the delegates in finding solutions to one of the most pressing issues on the continent which is good governance. Also to be able to be privileged enough to see the delegates and to guide them through finding solutions that would change the continent for the future is really exciting.”

  • Being a part of ALAMAU 2016, what did you see last year that you would like to see this year and what didn’t you see last year that you would like to see this year?

“Last year, I was the deputy chair of New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), the resolution was not really an action plan but was based mainly on theory and I didn’t like the fact that after all the productive discussions there were no action plans for the delegates to take through. So this year I would encourage the delegates to have action plans and real manifestation plans so they can take those discussions further.”

  • How has the MAU experience been for the past year?

It was really educative. I say it’s educative and hard but fun at the same time. It’s educative in the way that it taught me how to research and develop my research skills, it also helped me to dig deep in my knowledge about governance.

  • Any advice for the delegates?

“By this time, I hope they would have gone through the study guide and they have seen what the discussion is going to be about. I just encourage them to delve deep into their countries perspective, represent their nation’s policies and contribute accordingly to the productive discussion we’re going to have.”

  • How excited are you for MAU?

“Very excited! Very excited! I look forward to seeing my delegates, not just in the committee but outside the committee. I just want to see the delegates come through this year.”


Those were a few words from the committee chairperson of the Pan-African Parliament. We hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about her and come back to the blog to get all the important information before the conference starts in just 2 weeks.

Stay connected, share our blog and get ready for ALAMAU 2017.

By the Assistant Director of Press Corps, Mowa Badmos.


2 thoughts on “The Woman Behind the Chair: Lidya Feleke

  1. Ethiopia have such of tremendous potential. I been there multiple times, the people are so kind, the resources unlimited, but, unfortunately the people driving the future are sleep at the wheel. They need to invest in people and their citizens will place the country well ahead of anything imaginable.


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