MAU-7Welcome dear fellow readers to the African Leadership Academy’s Model African Union Press Corp Blog. This year we have decided to take it up a notch and give you an early sneak peek into who we are, what we do and how we do it. Which includes an exclusive pass into the long year journey of creating the 2018 ALAMAU conference.

This marks the 5th year since the beginning of Africa’s first Model African Union, simulated by the youth of the continent and abroad. Having more than 500 delegates, from more than 25 different nationalities so far represented in our conference, we plan to make the upcoming conference even grander.With a special year, comes even better features and bigger events.We will be giving you the inside scoop on the different teams behind the scenes: from the media and the logistics teams to the secretariat and the research teams.

As it stands, we have already taken it down to the streets and commenced scouting for the most devoted and passionate African youth—for this amazing conference. We have begun celebrating our continent on our social media, from the segments on our Instagram of “ALAMAU Weekly”, to “Quotes of the Week”; we have even taken it to our Snapchat with our live, engaging videos.

We want to connect with you. So don’t forget to read and share our blog posts every fortnight to find out more about those important aspects of our ALAMAU 2018 journey. Watch out for our posts not only on the blog but on all our social media.

By the Director of Press Corp, Sandra Chipeta