ALAMAU 2019: A New Era, A New Team and Of Course, A NEW theme!


By Moitse Kemelo Moatshe- Deputy Chairperson of ALAMAU 2019

It’s a new era and with every new era comes a new team and of course, an awesome theme.

In March 2018, we saw the close of our 5th Conference and the exit of the ALAMAU 2018 team. However, their exit did not stop the incoming team of fresh minds from diving into the hard work in making the next conference the best one yet.

As with every conference, we have an impactful theme to drive the discussions held within committee sessions.

During ALAMAU 2018, the discussions focused on how African countries can lay the right foundations to develop the continent and sustain the growth that will be achieved in the process.

With that in mind, and a few back-to-back meetings, our research team looked to answer the big question on everyone’s minds: What’s next?

 Our aim for this year’s theme is look in depth of the events happening around the continent following the laying down of new foundations. The focus will be on the progress we made as a continent and how African states can use this to influence each other on the most pressing issues. The team also looked into whether we can use the growth to predict the future: how can we measure the growth we can attain through addressing these key issues?

Without further ado, it is my privilege to announce the theme of ALAMAU 2019.

*Drum roll please*

ALAMAU 2019: Leveraging Africa’s Progress for Sustained Growth

In the past decade, Africa has made some notable indications of improvement across various sectors. A good example is the strengthening of the intra-continental trade by drafting of the African Continental Free Trade Area already signed by 44 African countries on 21st March 2018.  However, Africa is not only making waves economically but politically as well. In Botswana, youths are beginning to engage in policy making, democratic practices and governance. Recently, thirty-one-year-old Bogolo Kenewendo was appointed the Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry of Botswana, evidence of how the current generation is getting involved in African progress.

In ALAMAU 2019, the conversations will be centred on how Africa can use the progress it has previously made to improve other sectors.

The topics the conference will focus on are categorised into three main sectors: Economic Development, Social Welfare as well as Governance and Regulations. Our committee chairs are hard at work in researching to make them as engaging as possible.

Outside conference, please be sure to regularly check this blog bi-weekly for engaging posts that will give insight into conference preparation and the topics being discussed.

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As ALAMAU 2019, we welcome you to the Era. The era of Sustained Progress for Sustained Growth.

The new staff members of ALAMAU 2019.


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The Deputy Chairperson of ALAMAU 2019, Moitse Kemelo Moatshe from Botswana.

Moitse Kemelo Moatshe is a first year student at the African Leadership Academy. She is currently ALAMAU 2019’s Deputy Chairperson. In preparation for the conference, she will be heading the Committee Chairs team and the Committee Dynamics team as well as the Press Corps.

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