More than Reflector Jackets

Roaming the corridors of the Indaba hotel are young men and women capturing history in the making. What are they capturing you may ask? They are capturing the delegates in their various committees, helping to solve African problems and developing their critical thinking skills.

We like to think of ourselves as journalist and photographers, helping the outside world understand what really goes on behind the highly acclaimed ALAMAU conference. We cement the ideas, events and activities that make ALAMAU the experience we hold close to our hearts.

Press Corps Delegates hard at work in producing your stories.

One of the Press Corps delegates this year, Lin-Fang Wang, a journalist representing Al Jazeera, expresses that, “I anticipated that being in Press Corp would be chaotic, but with good planning however, it is possible to get an idea and finalize it within the deadline”. This process is facilitated by the wonderful Press Corps facilitators.

Personally, I believe that being a member of the Press Corps team is an experience which offers a lot. Although you might not get the engagement or interaction as the other delegates, you would be on track to meeting and working with amazing people, passionate about what they do and are willing to go through the process together. I was able to refine my photography skills as well as write many essays and editorials without missing out on the fun and action the conference offers.

Finally I would like to commend the work of the people in reflector jackets. You are the real MVP’s.

By Yaw Owusu Junior, CNN Correspondent


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